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on depression

Your mind is a little bit like your fridge. That meal you cooked too much of and decided to keep the leftovers for the next day's lunch. And then forgot about. Well after a while, it needs to be taken out and thrown away. But in your mind, you don't do this. You keep it locked away. What the mind locks away in sealed boxes is not just thoughts but a mixture of thoughts and emotional energy.

Emotional energy is great stuff when it is free flowing. But if you colour it with anger or jealousy (say) and shut it in a box, and put it at the back of your mind, it can go rancid on you. When your emotional energy goes rancid, it can hold you down, stop you functioning and you feel lousy, despite the fact that there is nothing medically wrong with you. This is called depression.

What I will do in this website is slowly and steadily train you to open the boxes in your mind and gradually let your energy become free flowing as it was when you were a child running around. Remember what you were once ? Now look at what you are now. See the difference ! It is not age that has left you semi-functional, it is depression. You have locked up your emotional energy in boxes and it has gone rancid on you.

Come with me on this adventure and we will open these boxes and let that energy become free flowing again.
A note about medication. In general, this makes you happy by masking how bad you really feel. What I aim to do with this website is to change how you really feel. So, if you agree with that aim, it is not a good idea to mask what you want to change. I hope, if you are on medication that you will, in time, choose to reduce it or come off it altogether. But I leave the timing of that decision with you, yourself.

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