on depression


Have you ever noticed how the movies make heros of psychopaths and make whole series of fictional films about them. James Bond and Jason Bourne are two of the most obvious but there are others. This is low vibration television, notwithstanding all the "thrills".

To get yourself out of depression, it is a very good idea to not watch the violent movie late in the evening. The reason being that you will dream about that violence. And that dream will affect you, perhaps more then you realise.

It is necessary to become aware of the low vibrational nature of many of the movies at the cinema or offered up on TV or the web.

I recommend you avoid watching low vibration policiers or any sort of violent movie.

The same is true sadly of novels. Many thrillers are of low vibration.

Just become aware of the vibration, whatever the media, and if it is low, stay away from it. The reason being, as I have said before, getting out of depression is a matter of raising your vibration. So immersing your thoughts in a low vibration soup for an hour or two will not help your vibration.

If you have started noticing the vibrations of the media and are still smiling, please click the green arrow to proceed.