on depression


Alcohol is a drug that lowers your vibration. It really does and that is not a joke. To come out of depression, you have to raise your vibration, not lower it. So think about your habits here. Do you have a glass of wine or a beer or 3 every evening? Reduce your alcohol intake. One suggestion might be to have fruit juice or sparkling water every other day, instead of alcohol. Beware of friends urging you to have another alcoholic drink. Resist that. But the key thing is to reduce your alcoholic intake.

Change your habits, you can do this more easily than you think.

Smoking has the same effect as alcohol. If you smoke, cut down or stop.

I realise that alcohol and nicotine are both addictive drugs. If you are addicted, just decide to drop whatever you are addicted to and really drop it. And keep it dropped, day after day. It will be difficult at first, but only at first. Your will power is stronger than any addiction, whatever you are addicted to.

If you have been seriously addicted to alcohol for years, there are systems with 12 step programs that may be helpful. Alcoholics Anonymous is one.

You have to look after yourself and that means not indulging in low vibration addictions.

If you have started noticing the vibrations of alcohol and cigarette smoke and are still smiling, please click the green arrow to proceed.