on depression


Please go find and take out your personal pattern. The negative thoughts that were controling your mind when you started. Ask yourself the question: does this pattern of thoughts still control me?

If it does then go back to the meditation and send love to everyone on your list. But also ask yourself: is the pattern complete? Are there any thoughts that you forgot about when you drew up your original pattern?

If there are further negative thoughts then add them to your pattern and re-make your list, so if you need to include more people then include them. And then slowly and steadily go though the same procedure with these people and institutions as you went through with your original list. Firstly forgive them (if you need to forgive yourself, do that) every morning and evening until you feel that you can send them love. In which case include them in your meditation where you send love to everyone on your list and yourself.

This is the process, you see. Wherever there is hate that hate must be replaced by love within you. That is the way out of depression.

It is also the best way out of depression because it changes your emotions and nothing is masked.

If you have reviewed your state and are still smiling, please click the green arrow to proceed.