on depression


Notice when you make a judgement about something or someone. If you are wise, you will transform that judgement back to the observation it started from. The trick is to notice everything and judge nothing. But notice everything that happens within yourself as well as outside yourself.

Please see within yourself how noticing is different from judging.

Avoid complaints. If you see a complaint arising within you, change your viewpoint. Often a complaint depends on who you are or what you are or what you are doing in the situation. Try imagining that you are a different person in a different role and think how that person would see the situation. Maybe it would be very different for them. So realise that your complaint arose just from your viewpoint. Be flexible in your outlook. Which is to say, don't get stuck in one fixed viewpoint. That is a trap, you can escape.

If somebody else unloads a stream of complaints on to you that are complaints about some third party, don't just stand there and take in all this negativity. Be aware of the vibration of what you are listening to. Maybe you can can change the subject or take control of the conversation and turn it away from negativity. The key thing is to be aware of what is happening, and the vibration of what is going on and not be pulled into a low vibration situation.

Now stories. If you regularly tell yourself stories about yourself or, indeed, tell others, it is time to drop these stories. They are not doing you any good and are perhaps holding you back physically. This can happen if they are stories about accidents. You see your body may realise you like the story of how you broke your leg, so it gives you a limp, so you don't forget the story. If that is the case, you must tell your body that you are dropping that story.

Be aware of how you create you own world, as indeed everyone does. You, in fact, do this with your thoughts. Our thoughts form a kind of vortex which pulls people and situations to you. This book describes that process very ably:

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