on depression


Egotism has been a disaster for humanity.

Your egotism is a disaster for you. It is through their egotism and their karma that people are manipulated by the dark forces on this planet.

Egotism means that you are focused not on yourself but on your idea of yourself. People feel the need to aggrandize or belittle their idea of themself. You have heard this said, no doubt, "I am the kind of person who...". Your idea of yourself is not yourself. It is just an idea. It also means that a kind of madness cuts deep through society. Most people are focused on their idea of themselves and not on what they really are. This madness has probably lain at the root of your depression too.

The best approach to this madness within yourself is to read Eckhart Tolle.

These books are not expensive, especially second hand. And I don't discourage you from reading everything within them. However the really important sections are chapters 2, 3 and 4 of the book: A New Earth and chapter 10 of The Power of Now.

If you are reluctant to buy the books, here are the four relevant chapters as PDFs that you can download and read.
A New Earth chapter 2
A New Earth chapter 3
A New Earth chapter 4
The Power of Now chapter 10

These 4 chapters need to be read but also re-read again and again. Often with this type of spirituality, it takes a while for the point to sink in.

You can, in fact, find PDFs of both books if you search on-line.

If you have read the relevant chapters and are still smiling, please click the green arrow to proceed.