on depression


Our minds are often full of beliefs and these beliefs very often do not serve us at all.

A belief is where you stop thinking. These places where you have historically stopped thinking act like a kind of cage for your thoughts.

To think freely, you must let go of these beliefs.

Byron Katie's Loving What Is - How Four Questions Can Change Your Life is a transformational work of immense power. She shows how to actually clear all the nonsensical beliefs inside ourselves. Strongly recommended for us all.

However, to understand what she is doing, it is essential to read, and better still, apply, her Judge your neighbour worksheet

Here are some youTube videos to encourage you. The first one is about filling in the Judge your Neighbour Worksheet.

Link to schedule of events by Byron Katie some are in the UK

If you are cleanning your karma, and letting go of your beliefs and still smiling, please click the green arrow to proceed.