on depression


Inner silence is what is needed to release the real self.

From inner silence, ultimately, everything can be perceived.

But first think: what is the mind ? It is a tool to think logically. Sometimes you need that tool. To think logically can be very useful. But at other times you have your intuition. You have various sense organs. You perceive the world around you. You make decisions. You act. You do things. Do you need the mind for this? No, not generally. So put the tool away in a cupboard somewhere. As you would with your electric drill. Because the mind, if left running when you don't need it can do a lot of damage. The mind likes to think and it does not care about truth. So most of these thoughts lose all connection with reality. Such thoughts, when the mind is left running without purpose, are, in effect, lies. The mind will tell you lies and if you believe these lies that can lead to trouble.

So use the mind for what it is made for then put it away. There are moments when you need logical thought but there are many more moments when you don't need to think logically.

How do you put the mind away? Well here is a meditation.

If you like to look at things, find a nice view. But the view is not important. Just sit comfortably. Close your eyes if you want to. Now watch what is happening inside. If a thought arises, don't add energy to that thought. When a thought arises, don't follow it to see what the next thought will be. Just let the thought pass.

How long do you need to spend doing this ? Well 10 minutes a day to start with. As you gain experience, spend longer in silence.

Eventually you can get up and do things but continue the silence meditation as you go about your day. You may surprise yourself by what you can do from a state of silence. I will leave it to you to maintain your silence and have that surprise.

If you are cleaning your karma, and doing the silence meditation and still smiling, please click the green arrow to proceed.