on depression


Why do I say such a strange thing ? Well, I will tell you a secret. When a dog wags its tail, you know the dog is happy. The physical movement and the emotion go together. And strangely enough, it is the same with us humans. If you smile, the physical movement will produce happiness.

Now on reading the above, you probably gave the screen a one second smile which did nothing for your emotions. But I want you to do something different. First sit up straight. Try and have a straight back and hold your head up and then smile and hold that smile. See what is happening to your musculature. Make a really deep smile and you will notice even your chest reacting to your smile.

In fact, if you can relax your belly muscles as you smile and do that enough, you may see the following: a kind of smoke ring will form in your belly and rise up to your brain and there it will burst with a release of endorphins of pleasure for you. It may take time and practice before you see this happen, but it is worth aiming for.

So smile wherever you can, under the bedclothes, whenever you are alone, even walking up the street from time to time. Don't forget, smile !

If you are really smiling, please click the green arrow to proceed.