on depression


The essential mechanism in this site is finding the pattern of your thoughts and finding out who are the people who are blamed and transforming your feelings towards those people. This process can be used to free yourself from any pattern of thinking that may be dominating you. Notice that you transform thinking by transforming the feelings underlying the thinking.

If you can avoid the negativity and violence of the fictional soup that the media serves up, avoid alcohol, tobacco and other addictive drugs and tamasic food then you are doing well.

If you can lose your egotism and clear your karma, then wow! The brakes are really taken off.

I have put my talks here because they are informational and that information is not always available in spiritual books.

Here are 5 PDF files, each of which is a talk that I have given on the internet:
Instructions for the Incarnation not given at birth
Energetic Structure
The New Earth
Aspects of Spirituality
The Second Attention and the Moon

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