on depression


In fact, it is easy to find the boxes in your mind that have gone rancid, because they provoke negative thought. Take a piece of paper and write down your negative thoughts. What I mean is thoughts you have repeatedly. Not thoughts about incidents happening now, but thoughts about yourself and the past. Now when I say the past, I don't necessarily mean ancient history, although it may be that. But something that is settled, a done deal as it were. Maybe these negative thoughts have a not in them like "He didn't..." or "She won't...". But maybe not, in "He left me..." or "She left me..." in these cases the verb has a negative implication for the "me" or the "I" in the thought. Write them all down. Be unsparing of yourself when you do this. All your real repeating thoughts must be written down. This is not fantasy or a game, this is you as you really are. Don't be in too much of a hurry. I suggest you take a few days or even a week over this. But take as long as you need.

Do you see a pattern forming in these sentences ? Maybe you have written them down in the wrong order. If that is clear to you, then re-write the phrases on another piece of paper in the right order. Or if you prefer, cut them out and stick them down in the right order. However you like.

I hope you have found a pattern. So you can see how one thought starts and how that thought leads to a second thought and that thought leads to a third thought and so on.

If you have really written down all your recurring negative thoughts, please click the green arrow to proceed.