on depression


Make a list of the people and institutions mentioned in your sentences. If there is an "I" or "me" used in your phrases, or some reference to yourself, write your own name down on the list as well as everybody else.

Now, for each person on this list of names, and don't exclude yourself, write down next to each name your feelings towards that person or institution. Don't be shy. Say exactly what you really do feel. Take your time. Don't try and do this too quickly or superficially.

If there are any names that you need to forgive who were not by some chance in your pattern, add these names to your list.

If someone has died, don't let that stop you putting them on the list. They were alive in your original thought and that is what counts.

Now look at the list of feelings. These are the feelings that have gone rancid. What you need to do is blow a new set of feelings through the system. And why are you doing that? You are doing that because the old feeling is just making you ill because you have kept it there too long. That old feeling is now damaging you and it is not doing anything for or against the person you have applied it to.

The events in your original pattern all took place in the past, even if it was the recent past. The past has gone. So there is nothing you can do or really want to do now about these events. And the feelings are just damaging you. They are not hurting anyone else.

So it is time to change whatever feelings were there.

And start forgiving. However unforgivable the event is, it is necessary to forgive to get yourself out of depression.

Remember what Jesus said ? "Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do." Luke 23, 34. (And he was being crucified.)

Take your list and say "I forgive you, X", where for X put whoever is the name on your list.

If this is difficult, take your time. Say "I forgive you" to those names you feel you can forgive.

If you are forgiving some people on your list and still smiling, please click the green arrow to proceed.