on depression


I realise that this may be difficult for you, but there is no option really, if you want to come out of depression.

The approach I recommend is that you say "I forgive you" to the names on your list who you can forgive.

Do this as an exercise twice a day, morning and evening. Take out your list and say "I forgive you, X" for every X or rather name on the list you can forgive.

And each time you do this, look at the names you cannot forgive. What you will find is that, after a while, if you are twice a day forgiving some of the names, you can add one of the names that you could not forgive before to the list that you do forgive.

Once you have added one person who once you thought you could not forgive to the list you do forgive morning and evening and have been forgiving him or her with all the rest for a week, maybe you can add another person who you could not forgive before to the list you actually forgive.

Take you time, don't be in too much of a hurry.

And carry on doing this until you have been forgiving everyone on your list twice a day for a week.

If you are forgiving all people on your list and still smiling, please click the green arrow to proceed.