on depression


Now it is time to start another daily exercise and that exercise is loving yourself.

Maybe love is not a feeling you are used to having, not for a while at any rate.

So sit yourself down and say a little prayer. Don't be concerned that God* is deaf, God is not deaf, I assure you. Don't be concerned if your prayers in the past have not been answered, this one will be. Don't be concerned that you are not in a church, mosque or temple, God is not concerned about that.

This is the prayer:
"God, your love is my love, please fill my soul with love."

And then feel what happens. If you suddenly have a coughing fit, look within yourself and see what is being coughed up but just cough away until it stops.

God is love. He has no shortage of love.

You can do this prayer any time and any place and God will always fill your soul with love.

Make it an exercise to fill yourself with love, every day.

And this daily exercise need never stop.

If you have loved yourself and are still smiling, please click the green arrow to proceed.

* note: Depression is the same for all. But if you have a non Christian faith, please substitute whatever word you prefer to use for the word "God". If you are an athiest, please understand that God is zero-point energy, so you can simply say "Zero-point energy, your love is my love, please fill my soul with love." Just do it, don't be precious.