on depression


Here are the conventional human chakras. Don't worry if you don't believe in chakras, just go with the flow here. They have colours see:

Now, love comes from the heart. And the heart chakra is green.

So, it is time to go out. Go out where there are green plants, maybe a local park, maybe the countryside. And get some exercise among the green plants. And here is a phrase to repeat. A mantra, if you like to call it that. "I am love."

As you walk through the green plants, say the prayer to fill yourself with love and feel your own love energy which flows from your heart. Feel it merging with the love projected by all the green plants. The point of this is that it will raise your vibration. And getting out of depression is a process of raising your vibration. Exercise itself is also entirely beneficial, however you go about it.

If you have done this and are still smiling, please click the green arrow to proceed.